SBA 7(a) Loans for Veterinarians

Own your veterinary practice space and expand your business with Embassy National Bank. Many veterinarians begin by purchasing a business from an established veterinarian. This may involve leasing the real estate to minimize upfront cash investment. Leasing office space can offer new practices a lower upfront cost and the flexibility to experiment with different office locations.

As a veterinary clinic expands and establishes a stable and growing patient base it becomes important that the veterinarian own their real estate. Embassy National Bank offers SBA 7(a) loans for veterinarians to purchase office space, relocate, or expand multi-location practices.

Benefits of Owning Your Practice Space

SBA 7(a) loans give veterinarians the unique opportunity to terminate the hassles of ongoing leasing agreements and own their practice space.

When leasing office space, rent and additional services can often change at the property manager or landlord’s discretion. Veterinarians who lease are also at risk of changes in building ownership and potential lease non-renewal.

Owning your own veterinary practice space has many benefits including:

  • Possible property value appreciation
  • Income and property tax benefits
  • Long-term fixed cost
  • Freedom from property management control on items such as paint color, signage, window decals and more

How SBA 7(a) Loans for Veterinarians Can Help

At Embassy National Bank, we offer flexible and competitive financing to veterinarians interested in acquiring a business, purchasing office space or expanding their clinic. SBA 7(a) loans for veterinarians make it possible for mature and stable veterinary clinics to own their own real estate.

In addition to property ownership, SBA 7(a) loans for veterinarians can also be used to purchase equipment, refinance certain business debt, and other short-term working capital needs.

SBA 7(a) Loan Eligibility

SBA 7(a) loans are meant to assist small businesses that meet the Small Business Administration’s standards and requirements. Most veterinarians are eligible for SBA financing.

Other SBA requirements for approved businesses include:

  • Operate as a for profit business
  • Use SBA 7(a) loans for approved business purposes
  • Perform business in the United States

Request a Veterinary SBA 7(a) Loan Today

If you are a veterinarian who is interested in acquiring a practice, owning your own office space or expanding your practice, contact Embassy National Bank to learn more about our SBA 7(a) loans for veterinarians.

To apply for an SBA 7(a) loan for your veterinary practice contact Embassy National Bank at 800-560-9883 or email to get started.